Friday, May 13, 2011

My New Home

Hi everyone—so yesterday I didn’t do much at all. I met with the Connect staff and got oriented to Cape Town and my new apartment and what not. The most exciting thing I did was venture to the grocery store, about a  15 minute walk from where I live. Within about 20 seconds on the street I was already asked for money by a woman who was pregnant and I felt terrible saying no. But I was advised to not give money this way because it encourages the begging, and additionally, there are much safer ways to give or help. The beggars seem to be much more assertive here than in Boston. Anyway, I got to the store and walked around aimlessly just trying to find some basic groceries to get me through the week, someone could have just as well stamped “foreigner” on my forehead and it wouldn’t have been anymore obvious!
After grocery shopping, I went home and explored my new apartment building! It’s amazing! My living room windows overlook Table Mountain (the landmark of Cape Town). Every time I walk past my living room, I have to just go stand by the window for a minute and look. I’ll try to post some pictures soon! I can’t wait to watch the sunrise and sunset from it! Also, on the roof there is a gym with glass walls, a sauna, and an outdoor pool that overlooks the city. It’s breathtaking! Soon I'll post about my first day at the hospital! 
<3 Cammy
ps- I've met a few really nice people from Connect!

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